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Marketing an apartment begins and ends with creativity, with so many online, and off line options it can be difficult knowing where to begin. When properties sit in vacancy it can be devastating for you and your team, not to mention finding good residents, and renters can often be challenging. But there are a variety of ways to market an apartment effectively, and get them occupied fast. Start with these tips, and see how much faster your vacancies disappear.

Customize Your Website

Start your apartment marketing campaign off right by customizing the design of your website! Many apartment communities in the multifamily industry have a very similar appearance. The designs can often seem redundant, and the information is generally not specific to that community. Customizing your site to reflect your apartments in an original way makes them stand out from all of the others. This helps make your community more individualized, and separates it from all of the rest of the competition.

Update Your Google My Business

Google My Business is a great tool for increasing your website traffic. However if you haven’t already done so, it’s important to regularly post about your business on your GMB account. Doing so gives potential customers an opportunity to learn more about your company and what services you provide. In addition, posting regularly also helps build trust between your customers and yourself.

Utilize Yelp, Bing, & Apple Maps

Does your property utilize multiple listing services (MLS)? Take advantage of the variety offered by MLSs such as Yahoo! Local, Google Places, and Bing Maps. Place your property on each of them so you can reach potential buyers from various sources.

The world of local apartment SEO is so important, as they essentially make up most of the current apartment search world. Make sure that you regularly update your local listing to ensure that your property is taking apartment SEO to the next level.

Send Out Virtual Newsletters

The days of walking through doors knocking on every single resident’s door to hand out flyers are done. A newsletter is an excellent way to stay connected with your current residents, and let them know about any new developments in your community. Residents really enjoy receiving newsletters, and they love being kept updated on what’s happening around town.

Increasing your current resident’s satisfaction is one of the best ways to increase your leasing. When residents enjoy living in your community, they’ll stay. When they continue leasing, you won’t have to stress so much about finding new tenants! Satisfied residents are a huge part of apartment marketing.

Audit Your Website

Have you ever wondered why your site doesn’t perform as well as you’d hoped? Perhaps it could be because you haven’t done enough research into what works best for your niche. You might also find yourself spending too much money on advertising without knowing if it’s actually working. By doing thorough research into your target audience, you’ll be able to make better decisions about where to spend your budget.

Enhance Your Social Media

Where does your property stand on using social media today? Do you post often, and make good use of its features? Yes, it’s true, social media can exhaust you, but don’t let that discourage you. Not only is it a great way to promote your community, but it also has the ability to bring in new customers! Create engaging posts that will help your apartment market and attract a new crowd.

Respond To Your Reviews

Show other prospects that your business cares about how you respond to your community. I mentioned earlier in this post that your Google My Business listing and other local listings are hubs for your prospects. With those listings being one of the very first things any prospect will view, that also means your customer reviews will be displayed as well. Give your prospects the information that they need so that they can feel confident in your team’s communication skills.

Property Videos

You may be familiar With virtual tours, but have ueen hearing of property videos? A Property Video is a spectacular way to showcase everything that your community has t ooffer. It takes virtual tours one step further and gives prospects an actual look into your fantastic community!

The amazing thing about a property vieo is that it invites prospects t ohave a full experience. Vies provide an emotional connectio nthat is irreplaceable, and not found i nnearly any other apartment marketing aspect!

Resident Events

People love to socialize, especially if they’re surrounded by friends and family. So why not make it easier for them? Invite them to join you at your next event, whether it’s a party, a get together, or just a simple gathering around the dinner table. You’ll find that your residents will enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves, and they’ll feel good about bringing others along too.

Residents go about their daily routines and discuss where they live, your community events can make a name. Satisfaction and retention produce a chain effect for better leasing.

Apartment Texting

Texting is a great way to keep in touch with your residents. You can quickly send messages to them about upcoming events or important news. It’s also easy to do so because it doesn’t require any special equipment.

Update Floor Plans

When was the last update to your floor plan? Does it include the newest features? Modern day technology allows floor plans to be incredibly detailed, so much so that they can actually show off the space in an impressive manner. However, many floor plans are difficult to understand and make it nearly impossible to get the information needed.

3D floor plans are a big improvement over traditional 2D floor plans because they allow prospects to see what the space would really look like. They also provide a better sense of scale, which helps buyers visualize how large or small certain rooms are.

See how Staywildflower uses 3-D video tours to show their apartments in Brentwood

Is your property investing into Google AdWords, or what is commonly called Pay Per Click (PPC)? PPC stands for pay per click, and it’ s the method that makes up google ads. PPC is one among the best methods to promote online because you only pay whenever a person clicks on your advertisement.

This kind of advertising strategy can help your property in lots of ways. It can make use of your whole sales funnel, save money, and increase your conversion rate. With that being said though, PPC is definitely among the best ways to market apartments!

Update Virtual Tours

Apartment 3D Virtual Tours are an excellent way to make your property stand out amongst others. They give potential buyers a chance to experience your home before they buy it. By offering them a fully immersive tour, they get to see exactly how your place would feel if they were living there. Combine this with great photography, and you’ll definitely increase your chances of selling quickly.

See how Staywildflower uses 3D virtual tours to show their apartments at Miracle Mile

Cohesive Branding

Is your site color scheme cohesive, and consistent? Maybe it’s time to focus on what your property brand really is! Your brand is evident on your website, through social media, local listings and more.

So it’ s really important to detail the colours that you utilize, and the appearance, and feel of your area. This can assist prospects to plainly identify your home. It may also help you to feel much more arranged so it’s certainly a win-win!

Facebook Ads

Advertise on Facebook Ads! Facebook Ads is a great place to advertise your business. You can target people based on location, age, gender, interests, and much more. You can also increase visibility through sharing interesting articles and videos about your company.

While posting on Facebook is generally helpful, ads allow you to get much more exposure than you could ever hope to achieve without them. You can also target those who’ve visited your site before, so they’ll see your ad again if they come back later.

Use Interactive Content

The time for boring copy is long gone. Gen Y’ers want short and engaging content that will capture their interest in a matter of seconds. Interactive content can include video, 3D virtual tours, creative social media posts, and more. This underlining line of any interactive content should be focused on providing prospects with something they can interact with.

Introduce Your Team

The perks of social networking sites include endless opportunities to get potential clients acquainted with what your property is really like! Take a few minutes to introduce your property management staff. Don’t hesitate to display your face on social media sites. This can also assist your present tenants to get to know you much better. People naturally gravitated towards chances that they’re familiar with, so don’t be reluctant to aid individuals understand your group!

Host Virtual Open Houses

2022 has been a very exciting year for us. We’ve seen our sales increase dramatically, and we’re excited about what lies ahead. Open houses are still a great idea to help people learn about your home, but they may not be the greatest idea for the rest of the year.

Hosting an online open house? Why not do it on Zoom? People can come to your place anytime they’d like, and see what your property has to offer. During the event, you can showcase different parts of your property, helping potential buyers find out if your place is right for them.

Start a Referral Program

Do you currently have any referral programs in place? Referral marketing programs can be very useful, and they can also be quite profitable. By having your own residents refer people to your business, you won’ t have to look too far for new customers. You can find out how to create a successful referral program for your community by reading our article below.

You can give them a discount if they refer someone else who signs up. Or maybe you can offer a monthly prize draw where the winner gets a $100 gift card.

3D Renderings

Is your property a Lease Up? Putting 3D renderings on a site can be vital in getting the kind of leads you’re looking for. 3D renders are an incredible way to show to prospects what your property appears like prior to it’s even completed. These give you a realistic photo or video that will make a digital model come alive. They are a must for marketing a property not yet complete!

Call Tracking

Call tracking is a great tool for any community manager who wants to know exactly what their residents are doing online. With call tracking, you get detailed information about each prospect’s activity on your site, including the source of the lead (directly from Google Analytics), the type of device they used to access your site, and whether or not they converted into a lead. You also get insight into the length of each call, so you can determine if you should offer incentives to keep them on the phone longer.

Host Community Events

Have you ever thought about having a community event at your home? There are lots of community events happening in your area every week. You could host a movie screening, a craft fair, an open house, or maybe a potluck dinner. These types of events are great ways to meet new people and share information about your apartments for rent in Los Angeles.

Provide Unique Amenities

Perhaps your amenities need a little more spice! So many properties are switching up their communities to be a little more welcoming, and a little more interesting. With so many properties providing very similar amenities it‘s important to stand out!

You could turn an unused area into a dog wash, or maybe create a racquetball court in the room that has extra storage. There are so many possibilities for how you can provide unique amenities within your home!

Re-Brand Your Property

Is it time for you to update your apartment’s brand? Maybe your logo, color scheme, and marketing materials need an overhaul! Having a cohesive brand across every aspect of your business will help your apartments stand out from the crowd. Plus, having a clear brand identity will make things much easier for you! With a branding guide in hand, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to create a great representation of your community.

You’ve got great print materials that you can utilize for apartment marketing resources. From brochures to business card, a variety of print material can make your job easier. Not only do they help you brand your community, but they also make the perfect take-away gift for any prospective tenant who visits your community.

Local Business Involvement

In your neighbourhood, you’ll find many local businesses that might be your properties’ best advocates! Consider contacting these businesses, and start a partnership. With their assistance, you can reach a brand new audience that’s already living in your local region. They can house your printed materials, or place a notice in their stores that recommends people reside in your area!

Website Content

Does your site’s content feel personal to your site? Many sites take a large technical loss whenever they do not place their content strategically. Because every site requires content, it may often be among the things that are simply put on a site.

But from SEO to the quality of content your readers are reading, there are plenty of reasons to focus on what they’re saying. Review your site, and take note of where it doesn’t feel personal or local to you. It’s time to stop only using defaults!

Apartment Photography

Are your photos high quality, and designed to attract tenants? Most prospects will visit the gallery page, and want to see what they can expect if they rent your property. You do not want your pictures being something that deters them.

Taking the time to upgrade your photo shoot will be a decision that won’t regret. High-quality photographs will change how your community is viewed, attracting more prospects at the same time!

Move-In Specials

Are you offering one the best move-in prices around? The “best” move-in price might not equal the lowest priced option, but rather the most advantageous! Think outside the box when coming up with an apartment rental deal that will stand out.

Prospects will look at most apartments in your area, so they need you to help make the decision about which one will be the right fit for them. So come up with a list of unique apartment specials that you can offer that no other property manager is doing.

Automated Emails

Automated email marketing campaigns can be an incredible method of promoting your property. They can be used to send messages to your current tenants about what is happening in your building. These automated emails can also be sent out to potential renters, for reviews, and so much more. Implementing such emails into your apartment marketing strategy can make a big difference!

Ask For Feedback

Property managers should not feel exhausted because they ask for reviews. Residents should not feel tired of giving them either. In today’s world, reviews can be done online without any effort whatsoever. By taking advantage of this new technology, property managers can easily get feedback from their tenants. They can also make changes to their properties based on these reviews. Online reviews can help property managers improve their services and attract better tenants.

Try switching the way that you talk about reviews, with the word “feedback”. Feedback is a helpful word that denotes both asking for positives and negatives. While this may lead to negative input, it will be beneficial in the long run to know what specific areas your community can improve on.

Get Creative With Follow-Up

Have you ever thought about trying something new with your follow-ups lately? Following up with prospects can be one of the most critical aspects of the leasing process. Having a clear plan for your next steps will allow you to convert leads into leases. Test out different methods of communication such as emails, phone calls, and texts to find out which ones work the best for you!

Improve Pet-Friendly Features

More and more renters continue to seek out apartments that offer amenities that appeal to their furry friends! These residents want to know that they’ll feel comfortable living among their four legged companions. There are a number of pet friendly features that you can add into your community that will make them feel right at home. Some of these features include a doggie daycare, a dog park, and special resident retention activities that focus on pets. Be creative when thinking about how you can create an environment that caters to your resident’s furry friends!

Facebook Reviews

Did you know that you can make money off of Facebook? You can actually earn cash through advertising on Facebook. To do so, you must create a business page on Facebook. Once you’ve done that, you’ll then be able to advertise products and services to people who visit your page. In addition, you can also pay to promote posts on your own wall.

Apartment Blogging

Does your apartment have an online presence? Are you aware of how much potential your property has to reach out to people who might be interested in buying or renting it? A simple website can go a long way towards helping you achieve these goals.

You could write about how your company helps people find jobs, or maybe you’re an expert in something else entirely. Whatever you do, make sure you include a link back to your site so readers can learn more about you!

Automate Your Social Media

Are you spending too little time focusing on what to share each week? Perhaps, your posting schedule is so tight that you’re not giving yourself enough time to create quality content. Creating graphics, and writing captions can take a lot of effort, and can also become tiring. With all the content you need at your fingertips you’ll be ready to share the apartment social media you’ve been waiting for.

Resident Appreciation Gifts

Residents appreciate and feel satisfied when they receive regular appreciation gifts, or note cards. Appreciation and recognition go hand in hand. When residents see that you value them, they’ll respond positively. They’ll also remember you when they move on to another home.

Improve Model Apartments

It turns out that lots of not model apartments aren’t show-ready. Not model apartments should be completely well-kept and prepared for a tour at any time. If your properties’ model apartment is going to become one of the very first things that any future tenant sees then it must be ready to take the globe by storm!

Have “WOW” Moments

You may be familiar the term “WOW” moment that has became popular in many different avenues. A WOW moment is an aspect of tours or apartments that you could highlight that will help residents understand what sets your community apart from others. It might also be a moment of tours where you include apartment merchandise items, take-away foods, drinks, and more. Basically the point of any WOW moment is to make your trips, unlike any others. That will help prospects to remember about your property when they’re choosing where they should live.

Create a Resident Team

Many apartment communities have discovered great success in having a Resident Team. A Resident Team is a great way to learn more about what your community wants. This type of team includes a group of a few residents who volunteer to meet on a weekly basis to discuss issues, give input, and help improve the community. They can plan events, get feedback from the rest of the residents, and serve as a bridge between the community and property management.

Supply Local Adventure Supplies

Do you have local experiences and outdoor activities in your area? Provide your residents with what they require to enjoy their local life style. This might include things such as bicycle rentals, kayaks, rock climbing equipment, roller skates, and much more! Let your residents get involved in the world around them. Perhaps you can create an online rental service where residents can rent out these items for a brief amount of time!

Host Social Media Contests

Social media contests can also be a great form of online marketing for your current, as well as potential tenants. Start a social media contest that involves sharing your post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, or any other social networking site. This will allow others to share your post, and they may end up becoming new renters for your community. You’ll receive an award for each person who shares your post, so make sure to keep track of those numbers.

Share Apartment Living Tips

Provide your residents with more than simply a place to live! Utilize social media, or possibly an email newsletter to provide your residents with regular apartment living tips. Apartments living tips can consist of everything from methods to decorate your apartment to how to make the best out of a small space. Your residents will greatly appreciate you for going the extra mile!

Send Out Surveys

You should consider getting feedback from your current residents before starting any new apartment marketing initiatives. Having an accurate understanding of what they think about your property can help you to make improvements that will benefit everyone involved. A simple questionnaire can give you insight into how your property stands out compared to others in your area, and it can also provide valuable information about where you can focus your efforts moving forward.

Make Move-Ins Powerful

When a new resident moves into your building, it’s an exciting moment! But it also gives you the chance to show them how much they matter. Show them around the building, introduce them to everyone else who lives there, and get to know them better. You may find out that they love cats, so maybe consider putting up cat pictures throughout the building. Or perhaps they enjoy gardening, so why not plant some flowers? Whatever it is that sets your community apart, do something special for your residents during their move-in. They deserve nothing less!

Host Self-Guided Tours

Not only does the year of 2023 bring a need for virtual capabilities; it has also lowered the demand for many people to see others. It is a great benefit for your community if you can offer self-guided tours for prospective clients. A self-guided visit consists of the client coming into the office at a scheduled time with the ability to tour the building on his/her own.

Each property will want create specific instructions and steps that take their future residents through their community. This is a powerful way to introduce anyone to everything they have to offer!

Change Your Website Template

Your website may not be very attractive if it hasn’t been updated in a while. You should consider changing the design of your site if it doesn’t reflect what you’re trying to sell. A new design can help you attract more visitors who might otherwise leave your site because it doesn’t appeal to them.

Place Reviews On Your Website

Reviews are an incredibly effective method of promoting apartments online. They are not only easy to create, but they can also be placed on any number of sites including Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook. Apartments should make sure that they include these reviews on their own website so that potential renters can easily find them.

Use Local Keywords

Reviews are continually taking over the world as they stand out as being one of the most important online marketing techniques. However, there are a variety of ways that one can present the reviews that they get. Did you know that you can use various keywords that help or hurt any ranking on Google? Keywords are part of content that either helps, or hurts any ranking on google. While there are many specifics to follow to optimize your site, using local keywords is an excellent strategy. What exactly is a local keyword? Local keywords are words that are targeted to your specific location, such as “vacation rentals in Miracle Mile.”

Hire Apartment Marketing Experts!

The reality is that marketing an apartment requires a wide range of skills, technologies, and time. With multiple approaches, it can be difficult to know where to begin. At businessinlosangeles.info we work with you to create a timeline and expectations for your apartment project. Our team helps you understand what needs to happen and how much time it takes. They also offer creative solutions and professional services that allow you to continuously grow as a property. To find out more about our services contact us here.

How To Advertise Your Apartments To Get More Leasing For Your High Vacancy:

Plan ahead

In your lease agreement, it most likely states when you must provide a tenant with a notice of their move. From the moment you get word about an upcoming vacancy, you need to begin preparing your apartment advertisement! Don’t let yourself be caught off guard.

The next step in filling your vacancy is advertising your apartment well! Through professional, and optimized site development, your local listings and more, you can put your property in front of those who are searching for it. You’ll want to focus on the unique features that make your community stand out from all others. Ask yourself, what sets your community apart?

Find Your Target Audiences

While filling a vacant unit is one of your top priorities, it’s equally important to find the right tenants. A high quality lead will allow you to contact the potential renters that you’ve targeted. By creating an optimized website and focusing on effective apartment marketing strategies, you can attract the leads that will be best for you!

Add A Move-in Special

To seal the deal with high quality leads, you can add an offer that includes a move-in special! This will entice prospects that are maybe choosing from several properties. Get creative, and show your prospective tenants that you’re serious about having them in your community.

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